Server opening: Aug 20 2021 16:00 CET

*The best player in each job get double Silk reward for quests. Resets weekly.

Level cap110
Chinese mastery330
European mastery220
Exp/Party exp4x/5x
Giant spawn3x
Old job systemyes
Original Visual Effectsyes
IP Limit9

Many private servers aim to balance chinese and european characters, and most of them fail. Perfect balance is impossible to achieve anyways due to the inherent differences between the two races. Furthermore, almost any attempt leaves certain groups of players unhappy.

On Zerkroad, its not about balancing the chinese race, but rather making them more fun to play, while still keeping the original look and feel. This means that no skill effects were changed. Neither were new skills added or any skills removed. Of course, chinese characters had to be strengthened a little. But keep reading...

There is no extra damage or defense for any chinese skill. But then how exactly are they stronger? They are more usable now. Debuffs are a big part of Zerkroad, you will see later. The boring part of playing with chinese characters were that compared to europeans, they have few or no debuffs at all on low levels. So we brought the chinese debuffs and special abilities to their lower level skills to make them more competitive. Meanwhile, the european skills that reduce debuff probability are now somewhat weaker. See the details for each changed skill below.


Pretty simple, brought some debuffs from the higher level combo skills to lower levels as well. Also increased the probability a little.


Debuffs are available on lower levels of the Spear Series skills and probability is increased. Kock-back added for the first skill in the Ghost Spear line. Soul Spear line stun probability increased slightly.


Knock-back was added to the whole Arrow Combo line. Anti Devil Bow critical increase boosted across the whole series. Explosion Arrow skills debuff probability increased and available on lower levels. Strong Bow now has stun and shot range increase on lower levels as well.


Vital Spot Attack Series (the chinese force debuff skills) are available much sooner than before.

That's it. As already mentioned before, the following european buffs against bad status are now weaker:

Cleric: Faith, Charity, Holy Word, Holy Spell
Warrior: Protection
Rogue: Poison Circle, Vein Circle

Effect reducing capabilities remain the same, but the probability reduce is now only 10%. This way, they are still effective against monsters, but chinese debuffs are now competitive. No other skill has changed.

Uniques drop all kinds of useful items like Monster scrolls, Pandora Boxes, Berserk scrolls and a lot of others. Some uniques also drop Silk scrolls, according to the table below:

Unique Min Max
Tiger Girl 1 4
Cerberus 1 4
Uruchi 2 8
Captain Ivy 2 8
Isyutaru 8 12
Lord Yarkan 8 16
Demon Shaitan 13 23
Neith 13 26
Selket 13 26
Isis 15 30
Anubis 15 30
BeakYung The White Viper 16 36
Haroeris 18 46
Seth 18 46
Roc 71 99
Silk is not dropped if your character is more than 20 level higher than the Unique.

To make quests more appealing, almost all of them are now rewarded with Silk beside the default rewards. See the full list here Please note that Silk reward for each quest is limited to one time per account. If you do the same quest on the same account with another char it will not give the Silk reward again.

There have been a few changes to make alchemy a litte easier and more exciting. Drop rate has been increased for alchemy tablets by an additional 10x. Stones require less elements to manufacture, and alchemy materials yield much more elements when disjointed. Stones also have 100% success rate. All other properties are original.

There are no changes to the academy system on Zerkroad, but there is an anti cheat system. It's common on all servers to farm academy graduates in order to increase one's academy rank and get the honor buffs and other benefits. But it's not doing any good for the community, and we think that apprentices should be real players. Our system detects cheating by looking for farm characters based on the academy graduation history and removes points from the guardian for each such farm character. This way only the guardians who help real players would get higher in ranking. Check out the Honor Rank here

Botting is allowed on the server only in PvE. That means that the use of bots in PvP, Jobbing, Fortress War, Battle Arena, etc is forbidden. For example, using bots in Job Cave is only allowed against mobs, but when fighting other players, bots shall not be used.

Zerkroad is completely free to play, so we provide multiple ways of getting Free Silk. Uniques drop Silk scrolls as described in the Uniques section on this page. Almost all quests are rewarded with Silk in addition to their original rewards. You can see the details here. Lastly, you can also get Free Silk each day by voting for our server on the ranking sites here.

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